Equipments for ice detection and automatic systems for ice melting

in viaducts and motorways, fixed or movable

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Who we are and what we do

SICO is a firm specialized in industrial instrumentation and data acquiring systems, sales representative for the German company G. LUFFT, SICO works with many different lines of product: Portable instrumentation, weather stations aimed to agriculture for plagues and diseases control, RWIS (Road Weather information system) networks, Automated Ice Melting Sprinkler Systems for Viaducts and Motorways, Structure Thermal Controls, etc.


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Anti-icing Systems. Equipments for ice detection and Automated Ice Melting Sprinkler Systems for Viaducts and Motorways viaducts and motorways, fixed and movables. Weather station. Measuring system climatic variables road state. Hydraulic system. The distribution and sprinkling of the liquid for ice melting is done through a double hydraulic closed ring (one for the liquid for melting ice and another for the cleaning water). Control Unit. The nerve centre of the system. SPRINKLE a very versatile component because it can be dismounted after having been installed in the road, it is orientable and can be adjusted to different patterns of sprinkling (up to 16 streams can be selected and the available width reaches up to 360). SICO instrumentation and data acquiring systems.

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